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Our Mission

At the deepest level, most of civilization’s social problems can be traced to detachment from Nature. Human suffering increases as the environment suffers. The natural world is our life support system, yet mankind continues to destroy it.

Victims usually participate in the causes that represent them, but the environment and the animals need us to speak for them. We need a revolutionary way of seeing the world to head off our own possible early extinction. Revolutions begin with individual empowerment.

The mission of is to motivate and empower caring people like you to participate in action that will reverse global destruction. We encourage you to join us and become informed and involved. We must stand together to hold corporations and the government accountable for the destruction. Help us bring about the changes that will save our Earth.

“When the people are afraid of the government, that’s tyranny. But when the government is afraid of the people, that is liberty.”
– Thomas Jefferson.

Activists Wanted!


To view management, volunteer and intern positions we are filling visit One Earth, One Mission then click on Fast Track Application to apply.

To date we have lost over 50% of our global ecology and we are losing an additional 2% per year. Our environmental point of no return is staring us in the face and may occur within the next 5 to 7 years. If you would like to join our Race To Save Earth you should join us today!

The Environmental Community Director of Planning

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